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kindred.haus aims not to be a large or popular instance, but a small one where people can find like-minded friends, where folks can find shelter from an otherwise hostile world. With that said, we follow the general code of conduct listed on the flagship instance, here.

Specific considerations:
No nazis, no TERFs, no hatespeech.

Alts and all languages welcome, automated bots are not. Try botsin.space if you want to set up your eBooks or other assorted bots.

We are currently running a combined blocklist sourced from mastodon.social, radical.town and blockchain. Similar content to these blocks will also be suspended.

The following guidelines from sleeping.town will also be enforced:
  • Posts containing a piece of art must be credited, ideally with a link back to the source.
  • Provide appropriate content warnings on potentially sensitive posts and use NSFW tags liberally on adult images, spoilers, and other content that not everyone may want to see.
  • Current event discussion is permitted but you are highly encouraged to use a current event or politics content-warning

kindred.haus is currently running on a VPS in New Jersey.

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