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without looking at my profile, how old do you think I am?

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Fuck it.

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Stealing an idea from @AmaraEverglade - what are you nerds here for?

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Hi fediverse! Now that we're online, I thought I might reintroduce myself.

My name is Kris; I'm a goth/futurepunk, trans-femme-enby who far too much enjoys technology and all things dark and spoopy. Tall, pale, bald, big boots and resting bich face. An enjoyer of some Vidya games and a big fan of oontz.

Admin/OwO-ner of

I'm not a furry or kin, but I sure do meow a lot. :blobcattransheart:

Feel free to say hello.

Still have some kinks to work out, but am mostly set up! It was so much fun to bounce around in @BeatSaber with full-body tracking.

Tomorrow's project is going to be the ceiling mounted cable management and more sensor/tracking refinement.

twitch go live 

Going live for a little bit to test out the new setup! Come check it out! We're playing some @BeatSaber

Moving the sensor was a good idea - no more dead zones!

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I may need to relocate one of the sensors but meh, lessons learned. We'll see how things pan out

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The weight of the controllers, however, have changed how Beat Saber feels entirely - completely different distribution of muscle usage. The game is gonna be a workout for a little while.

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Index kit is fully set up; everything is mounted, paired and updated. Just waiting on the Trackerstraps to test full-body but the finger tracking in is pretty dope.

The audio/video is so much better, too.

One of the things I am most looking forward to regarding my setup overhaul is not having to run the Oculus/Facebook taintware on my computer for any more.

re: hrt gripe 

I still kinda hate using that word. Need to keep reminding myself that "It's the p E r I o D of when your meatsuit resets its endocrine system"

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hrt gripe 

First, it was the hornt. Then it was the tummy issues. Then it was nausea. Now kinda sad/anxious.

By these symptoms combined, I'm Captain Period™

COVID mention, doom 

Trying not to catastrophize but if the new COVID varients don't eventually kill us off, the planet is going to bake us out of existence by 2035.

So, that said. Fuck it. I'm living what little rest of my life I have left the way I fucking want.

I suggest you do the same.

I'm gonna have to do a lot of drilling tomorrow.

I am NOT a handy person.

Like, at all.

This is gonna be uh.... interesting.

Tomorrow is VR overhaul day.

I'm so excited!

Tho, I am due to purge inactive/dead/moved accounts. Time to neuter my clout count again.

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If I actually break 300 followers, that'd be neat.

re: selfie, eye-contact, outfit of the day 

tbh this is one of the first/few times in my life where I have 'felt' "sexy"

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selfie, eye-contact, outfit of the day 

Why yes, I will be prancing around the house in this outfit all day.

Because I am a ~ p r o b l e m ~

Fuck, do I need art of a kobold 'sona now?


After having now attracted the attention of two self-described 'trans butch dragon's I am left asking myself:

Am I a type?

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