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Hi fediverse! Now that we're online, I thought I might reintroduce myself.

My name is Kris; I'm a goth/futurepunk, trans-femme-enby who far too much enjoys technology and all things dark and spoopy. Tall, pale, bald, big boots and resting bich face. An enjoyer of some Vidya games and a big fan of oontz.

Admin/OwO-ner of

I'm not a furry or kin, but I sure do meow a lot. :blobcattransheart:

Feel free to say hello.

#introductions #introduction #reintroduction #reintroductions

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Some folks go bimbo.

I'm trying to go tiefling.

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I really want to watch the second season of Castlevania but the stories about the sex scene make me very nervous. I don't know if I have the spoons to witness a...

clears throat, check notes

"Murder threesome"

"...looking gorgeous...but haunted" is one of the weirdest compliments I have gotten.

Must really be wearing my misery on my face, huh?

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