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without looking at my profile, how old do you think I am?

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Fuck it.

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Stealing an idea from @AmaraEverglade - what are you nerds here for?

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What would you like to see more of from Kris? :blobcat_owo:

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Hi fediverse! Now that we're online, I thought I might reintroduce myself.

My name is Kris; I'm a goth/futurepunk, trans-femme-enby who far too much enjoys technology and all things dark and spoopy. Tall, pale, bald, big boots and resting bich face. An enjoyer of some Vidya games and a big fan of oontz.

Admin/OwO-ner of

I'm not a furry or kin, but I sure do meow a lot. :blobcattransheart:

Feel free to say hello.

Good afternoon/mornyaan fedi. Hope the day is going well so far.

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My 'sona is heccin' adorable and I won't be convinced otherwise.

Image description: Various images of Kris' 'sona

i kinda lost my mind again and i'm trying to keep my breakdowns offline

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Going live at 8p ET for a second wind special and more Beat Saber. Taking requests, should be chill. Come hang out?

So, I'm kind of in shock. I maxed out at 51 viewers today with an average above 20 for the session. Been breaking personal records all weekend. What a ride!

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Going live with more Beat Saber in a few. Come chill.

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10 followers away from 100, 2 subs away from next emote slot.

So close!

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Cutting boxes in time with tunes; playing Beat Saber tonight until my arms fall off. Come hang out!

I'm glad I didn't lose anyone I cared about in the great purge yesterday.

I love how 7 people cancelled me today for speaking out against cancel culture.

I'm lol'ing.

You know, now I am kinda glad I left radtown. Seems a lot of folks being harbored there are exactly the kind of radical I don't want or need in my life.

I'm losing followers for speaking out against cancel culture?


I'll say it again, for those in the back:


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