Twitch go live 

Getting ready for more breakfast beats.

Come hang out while we cut bloq.

ec, directed at reader, open to be bullied 

Hey, dork.

You dropped something.

twitch go live 

Starting a bit late today because I goofed my alarm. But! Going live with Boom Box then some Beat Saber

Come hang out. :3

Another quick one-shot dance - apart from tracker glitches (oops a windows was open) I am ... liking this.

Before/after of my avatar palette remix/texture edits.

Also added wings and a tal :3

Twitch go live 

sorry for running late; going live for bullets and bloqs!

@porsupah yes

I've honestly wanted to get more setups like this especially with how my body shape has been changing lately, but a lot of it requires a hecc of a lot more titty than I currently have

That and stuff like this usually also comes at a bit of a premium, once I get my tits installed I don't want to end up losing half of my wardrobe

twitch go-live 

Going live with @synthridersvr shortly - time to eat some ORB

re: Windows 11 leaked build 

@Siph I... want to see this.

birdstie thread re: scott cawthon/FNAF 

Scott Cawthon is an anti-trans/anti-lgbtqia+ trump supporting maga chud

avatar photoshoot, ec 

Update; color palette simplified, 2.0 avatar has mostly working toggle inventory (wings still dont work)

really happy with the effect of gutting the odd reflections that were set in the default prefab as well as the texture re-colors

(image description: various shots of kris' avatar in a light tunnel, various poses)

Twitch go live 

Going live for more breakfast beats! come join me for some @BeatSaber !

twitch go-live 

Going live with @BeatSaber and my edited avatar for some booty-shakes and sweat!

join me?

A friend pointed out my footwork during my warmup and hecc, look at me go.

Twitch go-live 

breakfast beats day 3; nom'ing some bloqs come hang out

Twitch go-live 

Going live!

We're gonna tap into our inner John Wick and gun-kata some dudes to the rhythm.

Come hang out!

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