Hay so, story time!

Despite the downtime due to my mental health stuff, i haven't been entirely idle insofar as my VR/streaming shenanigans are concerned: I got accepted into two separate charity stream/marathon blocks in the next month doing showcases on VR rhythm games. I found out about the acceptance into the second one last night (and got hella called out in the process): twitch.tv/videos/1025265185?t=

(dot is someone i've looked up to since I started streaming; don't know why, but he always seemed like someone to take cues from, so it was very much a "holy sh!t senpai noticed me" kind of situation)

This is the first event I was looped into:
t.co/ZoxXLayJ7U?amp=1 - details for the second are pending

One of the goals I have had since I started streaming was to hopefully someday get to participate in events like this and raise money for charity and now I'm doing two in the same month at roughly the one year anniversary of my starting to stream

Ironically, the event in later June (LinkUp2) I am scheduled to do my showcase is a year-to-the-day and basically the same hour I first went live when I started streaming.



Even with significant barriers, you CAN still achieve your goals. Give yourself time and space to make real your ideals, ask for help when you need and accept feedback, both positive and negative, with grace and humility.

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