Blergh; moving is hard. We all know this.

Moving is especially hard when you are being blindsided by vivid memories from half a decade ago.

Ouf. It's just, a lot.

But hey, I've discarded/donated what is likely close to a room's worth of junk and that feels nice.

dude sends me a DM on insta and says "rate me"

ok, I'll bite, rate what? *rolls eyes, knows what's coming*

"my c*<*"

reply: hard pass
also, you suck your mom's d!<* with that mouth?


want new art of my 'sona

torn between a corruption TF or yandere theme

or both

probably both

Seriously, is there ANYONE out there that can help me find a 3d artist that can do a fully rigged VRchat/VRM avatar based on my fursona? I've been having the hardest time.

Me: I want to be considered attractive some day.

[regularly receives compliments about their looks and aesthetics]

Still me: I wonder what that would feel like?

[has it in writing from multiple sources they are 'hot']

Yup still me: *dramatic sigh*

But seriously what has changed recently where in the last six or so weeks I have had multiple people outside my typical circles VERY bluntly/directly flirt with me and/or tell me how hot I am.

Started some kind of packing/cleaning today.

It's hitting me how real all this is.

I'm exhausted.

Ordered wigs. Let's see how terrible this ends up looking.

body modification 

I sat thru three total piercings yesterday. Feeling pretty okay today, healing-wise.

Only major downside i that this is the start of a 'project' and I feel woefully incomplete.

My inner virgo hates this.

As soon as it's safe, we're getting the next four installed.

body modification 

So, just scheduled an appointment for a triple piercing.

I would say 'pics incoming' but uh...

selfie, eye contact 

still here despite it all ~ 🖤

owo wot's this

lighting equipment in my amazon wishlist

setting up a makeup cart

looking at buying a wig (or three)

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