Even with significant barriers, you CAN still achieve your goals. Give yourself time and space to make real your ideals, ask for help when you need and accept feedback, both positive and negative, with grace and humility.

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One of the goals I have had since I started streaming was to hopefully someday get to participate in events like this and raise money for charity and now I'm doing two in the same month at roughly the one year anniversary of my starting to stream

Ironically, the event in later June (LinkUp2) I am scheduled to do my showcase is a year-to-the-day and basically the same hour I first went live when I started streaming.

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(dot is someone i've looked up to since I started streaming; don't know why, but he always seemed like someone to take cues from, so it was very much a "holy sh!t senpai noticed me" kind of situation)

This is the first event I was looped into:
t.co/ZoxXLayJ7U?amp=1 - details for the second are pending

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Hay so, story time!

Despite the downtime due to my mental health stuff, i haven't been entirely idle insofar as my VR/streaming shenanigans are concerned: I got accepted into two separate charity stream/marathon blocks in the next month doing showcases on VR rhythm games. I found out about the acceptance into the second one last night (and got hella called out in the process): twitch.tv/videos/1025265185?t=

hay, question; anybody that can see this work out? if so, what do you wear? looking to get some basic workout clothes but amazon shit can be really dicey - either overpriced white people bullcrap or dangerously suspicious/toxic Chinese sweetshop junk

twitch go live, beat saber 

gonna eat some bloqs for lunch


The fact that the local timeline for kindred.haus it's no longer exclusively yours truly, is quite nice.

Twitch go-live; IIDX Infinitas 

Going live for a bit for buttonbaps using the new stream setup. Come hang out!


lewd thought 

one of the greatest crimes committed against me was losing my hair

especially since I never got to experience what it's like to have someone pulling your hair whilst being railed into floor

Good news! I have an appointment scheduled for my chest augmentation!

Bad news! It's in the middle of January... of next year.

I'm on a waitlist, fwiw, but still. Ugh.

I'm still here.

I might not know who I am.

or what I want out of life.

but I'm still here.


Honestly, at this point, I'd almost be better off having someone just tell me what to do. I can't break out of this loop of YouTube and scrolling.

selfie, shirtless, no nudity 

Good morning, have some

h i p s

oh hey while we are here if you think loli art/porn is acceptable, block me, NOW

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so, apparently, twitter logic dictates that since i have my sona as an avatar it means im a zoophile

this fucktruffle crawled into my menchies to inform me of this becos i had the audacity to speak up about how loli=pedophilia

Being able to contribute my time/talent for a good cause is something I have always wanted to do

It's been a goal of mine to participate in a charity event since I started streaming last year

Fun fact; this event is almost a year to the day of when I started streaming

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I applied to do a VR rhythm game showcase for a charity stream and I got accepted!

This has been a goal of mine since I started streaming so holy hecc

Has anyone ever gotten money back from PayPal because they got ripped off? If so, DM me, I need details.

I am pretty sure I got looped into a 'graphic design art package' scam and I'm getting ready to file charge reversals.

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